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Bathroom Lighting Advice (© Dar Lighting)

Bathroom lighting should be both practical and stylish. As there are regulations concerning the type of lighting that can be used in a bathroom, the overall priority should be safety.

Portable lights are not permitted in a bathroom so for mood lighting use ceiling mounted directional spotlights aimed away from the bath and at interesting features. Lights designed specifically for showers are available and must be carefully fitted according to the instructions.

A diffused glass light either side of a mirror will give a good general illumination where it is needed. Also consider halogen downlights from the ceiling or a fluorescent strip light over the mirror.

Lights are often incorporated into the mirrors themselves with sections of the reflective surface removed and lights fitted behind them. This is an effective way of generating an even light and improving safety.

For general illumination in the rest of the bathroom either use downlights for their refreshing halogen colour or a high output flush ceiling fitting to suit the decor.


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